Crystal Healing Courses

Crystals and crystal healing courses

"Crystal" comes from the Greek Crystollys which means Holy Ice.  Crystals have been recognised throughout history for their protective, healing and rejuvenating properties.  There are numerous accounts of this in ancient texts including the bible.  Humanity has always been drawn to gems and crystals since times of Lemuria and Atlantis as they recognised their mysterious healing powers.

Crystals are natural solids which have formed deep within the earth's crust and people have different ideas of how they work.

Some say it is their piezoelectric effect (the ability of crystals to generate a voltage in response to mechanical stress) and pyroelectric effect (the ability to generate an electrical potential in response to a temperature change).

Others believe by setting an intent and focus on the power within the crystal this creates a healing result.

However, there currently is no scientific proof that crystals can heal or cure disease, but they have been found to emenate a vibraton and light with both piezoelectric and pyroelectric effects which we benefit from in the use of watches, lasers, computers and many other house hold items.

Crystals are conduits of energy; they can store, focus, transmit and transmute energy.  These qualities are beneficial when used in healing.  Crystals can bring peace, equilibrium and well being to all.

Crystal Healing courses

Level 1 is for those that would like to learn more about crystals and to incorporate them into your Reiki treatments.
During the 2 days you will learn how crystals work, how to cleanse your crystals, how to programme your crystals, learn about the various types of crystals, creating a healing space to work from, learn how to give a basic crystal healing to your clients, learn the various uses of crystals e.g meditation, grounding, protecting, learn how to make gem essences, learn how to self heal with crystals, learn about gridding and amethyst trails and performing distant healing with crystals. 

Level 2 gives you a professional qualification that will enable you to get practitioner insurance such as Balens. 
During the 2 days you will be taught how to give an advanced crystal healing for your clients, learn about healing grids  and healing nets, client information forms, how to maintain financial records for tax purposes and we will go through what is expected of you in order to obtain your certificate.  You will be asked to do a case study and give a written explanation in your own words of what crystals are and how they work.

Level 3 is a teaching level for those wishing to pass the knowledge of crystals onto others.  In addition to learning how to take a crystal healing class you will learn how to heal with pendulums, learn new spreads and learn how to devise your own spreads and be introduced to new crystals.