Tarot courses and psychic development courses

Tarot Courses and psychic development courses.

If you have been feeling you would like to develop your psychic abilities then look no further!  Each and every one of us have psychic abilities its just that some of choose to develop these skills whilst others do not.  

If you would like to learn how to read the tarot cards I can give you the basics in a two day workshop.  The basics consist of the major arcana and the fools journey, the minor arcana bringing in teaching of the suits and the nurmerology of the cards and also the court cards which can represent people or situations.  Once you have the basic knowledge of the cards I will then go on to teach you how to read the cards as a whole rather than reading individual cards and teach you how to use certain symbols within the cards to draw on your psychic abilities.  We will read the cards intuitively and blend our knowledge of the cards and learn to go with our inner knowing.  Learning to trust the messages you are receiving and learn how to empower your recipient.

Courses are ran over a weekend and cost £40 for the 2 days.  If you already have a knowledge of the tarot and wish to only attend the second day this will be £20.  (Must have a minimum of 4 people to run this course).

If you have a group (minimum of 4) that would like to develop your psychic abilities further I can offer a 8 week psychic development class.  The class can be held in my treatment room or at a venue of your choice.  ( An extra charge may be made for travelling costs).  On the 8 week course you will learn:
  • How to sit in the power and be aware of your own essence so you can sense which is your own energy and that of others which is essential when reading for others.
  • Aura reading and working with colours
  • Ribbon readings with colours
  • Flower readings
  • Magazine readings
  • scrying
  • Angel card readings
  • Working on a purely intuitive basis with no tools blending all that you have learnt over the previous weeks.
The psychic development workshops which run for 8 weeks will cost £40 which must be paid on the first workshop.