The Munay Ki Rites and the Medicine Wheel

Munay Ki comes from a Quechua word that means “I love you”. The Munay Ki are the nine rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power who has accepted the stewardship for all creation. The nine rites are common to all shamanic traditions, even though they are expressed in different forms and styles in different cultures. They derive from the great initiations from the Hindus Valley that were brought to the Ameracas by the first medicine men and women who crossed the Baring straights during the glacial period some 30,000 years ago. These courageous travelllers were the Laika, the Earthkeepers of old.

By receiving the Munay Ki Rites you will clear your luminous energy field of the psychic sludge left by past traumas and raise your level of vibration. Your chakras will become clear and you will acquire what the Laika know as the rainbow body. This is when your chakras glow with radiance. When you receive the Rites you will be protected from the negativity and fearful energies in the world today and will help you bring more light and healing into the world. As we receive these rites we begin to remember that we have a lineage to members of indigenous tribes and we realize that this is not the first time we have encountered this information and knowledge. It seems familiar. As we seek to “become” through the Munay Ki, we also remember who we were. Each rite opens a possibility within us. A seed is planted. As we germinate these seeds and allow them to grow and fourish we start to become the person we were meant to be: homo luminous.

The nine rites of passage:

Rite 1: The band’s of power

The bands of power consist of 5 energetic bands representing earth, water, fire, air and pure light. These bands are installed in your luminous energy field and act as a filter, breaking down any negative energy that comes your way.

Rite 2: Healers Rite

This connects you to a lineage of Earthkeepers from the past, which come and assist you in your personal healing and transformation. This rite awakens the healing power in your hands so that everyone you touch is blessed.

Rite 3: Harmony Rite

You receive the seven archetypes into your chakras. The archytype of serpent, jaguar, hummingbird, eagle, condor, Huascar Inka, Quetzelcoatl and Pachakuti. These archetypes help combust the psychic sludge that has built up in your chakras, so that they can shine with their original light as you acquire a rainbow body.

Rite 4: Seer’s Rite

This Rite installs extra cerebral pathways of light extending from your visual cortex in the back of your head to your third eye and heart chakras. This practice awakens your inner seer and your ability to perceive the invisible world.

Rite 5: Daykeepers Rite

The Daykeepers were the masters of the ancient stone altars found in sacred places throughout the world from Stonehenge to Machu Picchu. This Rite is an energetic transmission that connects you to a lineage of Laikas from the past.

Rite 6: Wisdom keepers Rite

The lineage of Wisdomkeeper are medicine men and women from the past who defeated death and stepped outside of time. The job of the wisdomkeeper is to protect the medicine teachings and share them with others when appropriate. This rite helps you to step outside of time and taste infinity.

Rite 7: Earthkeepers Rite

This rite connects you to a lineage of archangels that are guardians of our galaxy. This rite connects you to the stars and to the sun, our local star. The rite of the earthkeepers helps you learn the ways of the seer, and to dream the world into being.

Rite 8: Starkeepers Rite

According to lore, when you recieve this rite, your physical body begins to evolve into that of Homo luminous. Your DNA is re-informed, the aging process is slowed down and you become resistant to diseases you were once vulnerable to.

Rite 9: Creator’s Rite

The Creator rite was brough forth and gifted to us by Inka elders in the Andes in the summer of 2006. When you receive this initiation, you awaken the God-like within you, acquire stewardship for all of creation, from the smallest grain of sand to the larges cluster in the universe.

As you work with the germination of these rites you will be touched and blessed by the angels and beings of light. You will simply need to open yourself to their wisdom, and all will be bestowed upon you.