Therapy Price List

Therapies and Readings

Reiki (45 mins) £30
Crystal Healing (45 mins) £30
Indian head massage (30 mins) £25
Counselling (60 mins)  £40


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Free initial consultation over the phone (20 mins)

All sessions (a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended and each session lasts 60 minutes) including:

Fears and phobias £50 per session
Pain relief (including childbirth) £50 per session
Sleep problems £50 per session
Stress and anxiety £50 per session
Confidence boosting £50 per session
Weight loss (6 sessions 60 mins per session) £240
Stop smoking (2 sessions. 2 hours) £100
Past Life Regression (60 mins) £50

Hypnotherapy for Addiction 10 sessions 60 min per session   £450


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Tarot Readings (45 min) £30


Counselling and Reiki/Crystal healing combined

For more information about Counselling or Hypnotherapy here is a link to my sister website:

If you would like the added benefit of a 15 minute Reiki session or lying in a crystal grid specifically designed for you then please let me know so I can factor this into your session time.  There is only an additional charge of £5 for this and it can be a really lovely way help calm any emotions at the end of a difficult Hypnotherapy or Counselling session.