If you are travelling to Borth to do a course at Borth Reiki you have a few choices of accommodation.  Below is the accommodation in Borth itself and all are within a 10 minute walk to me and to the train station in Borth:

If you are travelling by car and wish to stay outside of Borth you can try this little bed and breakfast where the owner does Reiki treatments also. Nice if you want to stay in an environment with a like-minded person. It is just 5 miles away in a nearby village of Talybont:

All of the above are personally recommended by me.  Of course there are many more bed and breakfasts and if you prefer to stay in Aberystwyth you have a choice of many more hotels including Premier Inn and Starling Cloud.  There is a direct train route from Aberystwyth to Borth which takes about 10 minutes.  Trains are roughly every hour and there is also a regular bus service to and from Aberystwyth.  There are also plenty of airbnb’s available too: