Reiki Courses

No Previous knowledge or training is required to attend the Reiki workshop. Once activated by the attunement process everyone is able to radiate this gentle, nurturing, healing energy – regardless of age, experience or background.

An attunement is a technique originally taught by Dr MiKao Usui. The technique has been handed down from master to student and enables an accredited Reiki Master who has direct lineage to Usui to pass it on.

The knowledge of Reiki is traditionally passed from master to student and is acquired in several stages – each one complete in itself:

Level 1: Enables you to heal yourself, family and friends.
On this 2 day course you will learn the history of Reiki,the Reiki priniclpes, learn about chakras and their functions, learn the hand positions for treating both yourself and others, learn the Hat Su Rei Ho, engage in meditations to meet your spirit guide and to release negative thoughts, worries and emotions as well as receive four Reiki Attunements.

Level 2: A professional qualification enabling you to start a practice of your own and to obtain  practitioner insurance.
On this 2 day course you will learn three Usui symbols, learn about beaming and scanning, absent healing, receive two attunements, learn the difference between the Western and Japanese healing techniques and engage in meditations.  You will also learn about the kotodama and we will meditate on the symbols and feel the differences between the energy of both the Usui symbols and the Kotodama symbols through chanting and healing.  You will be learning to heal using your intuition.  You will also receive guidence on obtaining insurance and keeping financial records for tax purposes and learn how to fill in a client record form.

Level 3A: You receive the Master’s attunement, this attunement will add power to your Reiki treatments, the strength of your self treatments will help you heal further, this process will increase the vibration of your energy field.
On this one day course you will receive an attunement to the master symbol and learn the master symbol which will enhance the power of your treatments. You will learn about the violet flame, aura cleansing (psychic surgery), learn how to give a healing attunement and learn about the antakharana symbols and the Reiki grid.  You will also engage in meditation.

Level 3 : Enables you to teach Reiki.
On this course you will be attuned to the last two symbols which are needed to pass the attunements onto others.  You will learn the last two Usui symbols and learn about the violet  breath.  You will engage in meditations and learn how to conduct Reiki shares and Reiki classes. You will also learn how to pass on the attunements to others and be given guidance on the time lapses between attunements.  This course should only be taken when the student has been working with the energy for at least 2 years.  Either through a Reiki share group and continuous self healing or through runing a practice of their own.

All courses include a manual in the form of a CD and certificates. You may also join the UK Reiki Federation once you have completed the level 2.

“Sharon, you are a fab teacher who has a calm way of teaching and explaining all we needed to know on the Reiki courses.  Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend with you and the other girls”

Joanna Jones (November 2013)